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Just 8 miles north of West Plains you’ll find a trailhead to the Ozark Trail! Hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding are your options along this well-maintained trail through the Mark Twain National Forest.

Points of Interest West Plains, Missouri

Ozark Trail

  • 390 miles of trail
  • Primitive camping 100’ from trail

The Ozark Trail, a combined effort of government agencies, a landowner, and environmental groups, created a council in 1977. Under their guidance, some 170+ miles of trail were constructed in 10 years. By joining existing trail, the Ozark Trail system had more than 200 miles of trail by 1991. In 2002, the Ozark Trail Association was founded. Continuing to maintain and expand the trail system, the association has received state and national recognition.

The North Fork Section of the Ozark Trail has a trailhead at Pomona, just 8 miles from West Plains. This trail combines the Ridge Runner trail and the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness area.

Other trails close by include the Current River section, the Upper Current River section, the Eleven Point section, and the Between the Rivers section.

Be sure to visit the Ozark Trail website for trail updates, maps, safety tips, guidelines, and much more.

Missouri Ozark Trail
Missouri Ozark Trail
Missouri Ozark Trail
Missouri Ozark Trail
Missouri Ozark Trail

Trailhead (TH) Distance from West Plains

North Fork section:

  • 13 miles to Blue Hole TH
  • 8 miles to Pomona TH
  • 21 miles to Ridge Runner TH at Noblett Lake
  • 16 miles to CC TH
  • 20 miles to McGarr Ridge TH
  • 20 miles to Collins Ridge TH

Current River section:

  • 68 miles to Powder Mill TH
  • 60 miles to Peck Ranch TH
  • 57 miles to Hwy 60 TH

Eleven Point section:

  • 45 miles to McCormack Lake TH
  • 50 miles to 3152 TH
  • 35 miles to Western TH

Upper Current River section:

  • 68 miles to Current River State Park TH
  • 66 miles to Echo Bluff State Park TH
  • 63 miles to Round Spring TH
  • 85 miles to Himont TH

Between the Rivers section:

  • 69 miles to the Sinking Creek Lookout Tower TH