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On road or off road, you’ll soon find out why the Ozarks is a favorite place to ride.

West Plains Missouri


Several highways close to West Plains are favorites for motorcycle riding. Curvy, hilly, and exhilarating, riders are in awe as the scenery flies by.

  • Popular highways and state roads for motorcycles include:
  • Highway 160 West out of West Plains
  • Highway 160 East out of West Plains
  • Highway 14 West just north of West Plains
  • CC Highway West out of West Plains
  • Highway 17 North just east of West Plains
  • P Highway to AP Highway North from Pomona
  • Highway 19 North from Alton
  • Highway 181 North or South from Twin Bridges
  • Highway 137 from Willow Springs
  • Highway 106 East from Summersville

Please note that a few of the destinations are on dirt or gravel roads. If “County Road” is in the directions, that will usually indicate a dirt or gravel road.


To learn more about where to ride ATVs on public land, visit
or stop by the Ozark Heritage Welcome Center to pick up a copy.

There are several private properties with memberships or day fees available, too.

Ride the Ozarks
Ride the Ozarks
Ride the Ozarks
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