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Access to several rivers are within a day’s travel of West Plains! 

Points of Interest West Plains, Missouri

On hot summer days locals and visitors alike flock to the miles and miles of crystal-clear, spring-fed rivers of the Ozarks. Nothing is better than a dip or a float to get away from it all. Multiple outfitters are close by to rent canoes or kayaks and also offer shuttle service.

Summer in the Ozarks also means bugs and snakes. Water shoes are a must, as well as a cooler with water and snacks. Lawnchairs and a canopy for shade can make an afternoon at a swimming hole more enjoyable.

Some accesses are listed below. Usually where there’s river access, there’s also a good place to swim. For a complete listing of river access, visit

North Fork River

47 miles of river from Highway 76 Bridge (Howell County) to Dawt Mill Bridge.

  • Low-water bridge on connecting road between Hwys 76 and E
  • Low-water bridge on County Road E-276 at Topaz Mill
  • Hale Ford Bridge on connection road between Hwys 181 and W
  • Hebron Access bridge on connecting road between Hwys AA and State 14
  • Highway 14 Bridge at Twin Bridges Resort and RV Park
  • North Fork Recreational Area on CC Highway
  • Blair Bridge, concrete low-water bridge, KK Highway to H Highway
  • Patrick Bridge, low-water bridge on H Highway
    PP Highway Bridge, access from the old road
  • Dawt Bridge on County Road 318

Bryant Creek

42 miles of river from AB Highway to junction with North Fork River.

  • Highway 14 access west of Highway 95
  • Highway 95 low-water bridge
  • Sycamore Access on Highway 181 low-water bridge at Hodgson Mill
  • Warren Bridge low-water access connects Highways FF and H
  • Florence C. Cook Access on County Road 308, off Highway 160

Eleven Point River

49 miles of river from Thomasville to the Missouri-Arkansas state line.

  • Put-in at State Hwy. 99 Bridge in Thomasville (Section from here to State Highway 19 not recommended in low-water)
  • Cane Bluff Access and picnic area on County Road 405
  • Highway 19 Bridge access by Greer Spring
  • Turner’s Mill and spring access on both sides of river
  • Riverton and Highway 160 Bridge access on east side
  • Highway 142 Bridge take-out
  • Myrtle Access at site of old Stubblefield Ferry on west side

Current River

136 miles of river from Baptist Camp access to the Missouri-Arkansas state line. May be floated almost any time of the year, especially below Welch Spring (accesses just being shown for this area).

  • Akers Ferry Access on K Highway
  • Pulltite Access on County Road EE-356
  • Round Spring Access off of Highway 19
  • Jerktail Landing access on County Road 224
  • Two Rivers Access off of V Highway
  • Old ferry site access
  • Powder Mill access from Highway 106
  • Roberts Field access from NN Highway
  • Log Yard access on HH Highway
  • Waymeyer Access on County Road M-151 off M Highway
  • Van Buren Riverfront Park Access Highway 60 Bridge
  • Big Spring Access from County Road 60-102 from Highway 103
  • Clubhouse Landing access on County Road 60-221 off of Highway 60
  • Hickory Landing access from E Highway at Hunter
  • Catarac Landing access on County Road Z-217, off Z Highway and Highway 103
  • Gooseneck campground access on Farm Road 3142-County Road CI0, off C Highway
  • T.L. Wright Memorial Access at Doniphan

Jacks fork River

46 miles of river from Y Highway north of Mountain View until it joins the Current River. Its deep valley is almost a canyon with no fields for the first 25 floatable miles.

  • South Prong Access at Y Highway bridge, not recommended during low-water
  • Highway 17 Bridge at Buck Hollow, usual put-in for upper section of river
  • Rymers Access from O Highway
  • Bay Creek access from County Road 106-425
  • Alley Spring access from Highway 106
  • Eminence take-out at Lions Ball Park one-quarter mile below Highway 19 Bridge
  • Shawnee Creek access from County Road 106-211
Missouri Swimming and River Accesses
Missouri Swimming and River Accesses