The Ozarks region is known for its many springs and waterfalls, and you’ll encounter them frequently as you explore the natural areas around West Plains. This scenery is the backdrop for quiet rest as well as outdoor recreation.

Springs and Falls Missouri

Blue Spring (Howell Co.)

  • Good wading and fishing site

Blue Spring, located on the Jacks Fork River, gets its color from dissolved minerals in the water. The Blue Spring area is a wonderful stop to explore caves and bluffs along the river. There is river access to the Jacks Fork.


Blue Spring Howell County Missouri

35 miles From West Plains

Take Highway 63 north toward Willow Springs. Just before Willow Springs, take Highway 60 east toward Mountain View. After Mountain View, turn left on OO Highway and go 2 miles to County Road OO-493. Turn left on County Road OO-493. Follow it for 1.5 miles. When the road T’s, turn left and follow it until it ends. It is a short walk to Blue Spring.

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Blue Spring Ozark County Missouri

Blue Spring (Ozark Co.)

  • 7 million gallons of water per day

Blue Spring is located at the North Fork River Recreation Area. The trail to the spring follows along the river and is a fairly easy hike. The colorful oval spring is about 30 feet in diameter. It is surrounded on three sides by a stone wall and and bluffs and it flows into the North Fork River.


18 miles From West Plains

Take CC Highway west from Highway 63 in West Plains. In about 17.5 miles, the turn in for the North Fork Recreation Area will be on your left. The Blue Spring trail will be about a half mile from the entrance. There is a parking area at the trailhead.

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Blue Spring Missouri
Blue Spring Missouri